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blistcelebs's Journal

B-List Celebs
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B-List Celebs is a community created and maintained by hyperdonut and elizaespana. Its sole purpose is to make us feel cool. Ok, no. It was actually created for us to post creative things we're working on (e.g. drawings, scripts, stories, photography, etc.). It is mainly for us and our friends, but if you like what you see here and want to become involved, feel free to join. We promise we won't hurt you. If you wish to post here, contact one of us. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll let you, but you'll at least get an 'E' for effort.

We're actually much nicer than we seem. :)
absinthe, alan ball, alan cumming, alan ginsberg, aldous huxley, allison anders, amy heckerling, ang lee, anthony burgess, baz luhrmann, ben stiller, bill brittain, bjork, charles schulz, christine vachon, christopher guest, christopher nolan, clint mansell, daniel minahan, darren aronofsky, dave eggers, david cross, david fincher, david lynch, david sedaris, david wain, donald barthelme, dorothy parker, dr. seuss, drawing, edgar allan poe, ee cummings, ernest hemingway, explodingdog, f. scott fitzgerald, frank lloyd wright, franz kafka, george orwell, grammar, guitar, gustav klimt, henri matisse, independent film, intelligence, janeane garofalo, jd salinger, jean-pierre jeunet, jim henson, joan miro, john cameron mitchell, john dos passos, john steinbeck, joy mcquillan, julie taymor, kimberly peirce, kurt vonnegut, larry clark, lars von trier, lewis carrol, m.c. escher, margaret cho, mary harron, mcsweeny's, michael showalter, michelle tea, mike figgis, mythology, oscar wilde, p.t. anderson, pablo picasso, paul frank, pedro almodovar, philip roth, photography, piet mondrian, pixar, rene magritte, richard kelly, roald dahl, robert altman, salvador dali, sam mendes, sandra cisneros, screenwriting, shirley jackson, short stories, sofia coppola, songwriting, spike jonze, stanley kubrick, sundance, superbad.com, televisionwithoutpity.com, terry zwigoff, the coen brothers, thomas newman, todd solondz, tom tykwer, ts eliot, vincent van gogh, walt whitman, wes anderson, william faulkner, william shakespeare, writing, younghill kang