carlytron (hyperdonut) wrote in blistcelebs,


'would you still love that mouth
if such harsh words spewed from it?'
pondering, aching
nyquil for the cold
chardonnay for the soul

'would you still want that tongue
if it tickled vitriol
instead of soft flesh?'
wondering, recognizing
maybe it's time to sleep
once again, alone

you are so lucky
you know not the half of it
to traipse around as you wish
and have no one question it

to be so naive
and maybe that is a turn-on
to be so powerful
in such a situation

in this game, if that is what it is
perhaps, more accurately, an
extended party, one last hurrah
you know not what you leave in your wake
more than an accident, less than a mistake

'would you still miss those lips
if ever the truth
did pass their threshold?'
understanding, finally
to be better for it
and someday over it
but never the same
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