Mensch Werden (ptuscadero) wrote in blistcelebs,
Mensch Werden

the perfect boy

He takes off his glasses
and I take off mine
folding in the arms and piling them up
on the nightstand near our bed

holding hands under the pillow
he whispers a goodnight
barely voiced, barely audible
into my freshly washed forehead

his speech impediment makes me love him
and has rubbed off on me
as if every time our tongues touched
I took a little with me

freshly brushed teeth clink together
in an awkward kiss
of two people too tired
to coordinate mouths

my finger tips brush over delicate chest hair
lingering near the heart and the line
where pectoral bulges away from rib
hearty thigh against hearty thigh

his sleepy sigh reminds me of how we met
and the sigh he gave
at his sisters wedding
when he discovered the champagne was flat

and the sigh I gave at the mall
when i discovered we wear the same size shoe
and decided it was fate
like cinder(f)ella at the ball

tonight, we sleep
though sex will come later
and often
it's not all we have

we have our morning cup of coffee
and our heated debates
and our walks with the dog
that he got me for our first anniversary

tonight we sleep
because tomorrow is Christmas Eve
and tomorrow our mothers
are coming into town to bless our union

and his father who took me fishing
to make sure i was man enough
for his favorite son
and first born child

remembering this, I squeeze his hand under the pillow
and he nods and smiles and turns to the side
and we spoon in our bed
and our bodies say a prayer

I'm almost asleep now
he won't be until he knows that I am
but I'm already dreaming
and not of him

And when i tell him this tomorrow
on Christmas Eve with our families preparing dinner
his mother will smile and ask him when we're going to have a baby
and my mother will laugh in accordance

and although our lives are far from perfect
we can understand and share our pain
and make it through each day together
and make it through each night together

and as I fall asleep
the warmth that we share grows
and in my dreams
I smile
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