that jane. (elizaespana) wrote in blistcelebs,
that jane.

this is a literary MASTERPIECE

laminated picture of
jack on the dashboard
  curled and fell
we don't need no muse
we got ten museums
  under our belts
ten, and three
  religious classes
languages and political
libraries galleries
 dorm bands
 free beer
and the highway tired
 of us
my little ghetto
on the radio
 open containers
and the cops won't
stop us
he was smoking again
for nostalgia's sake
highway pushing his car
and we had just wanted to run
got our hot outfits
popped up collars
and new sunglasses
  and he laid down
money for
my new jeans
and we had fifteen
 years of
writing stories of second avenue
on the hood
and he don't get mad
'cause i love him
when he's running away
cell batteries dead
and pictures of me laying on a bench
 he'll stick on
his wall
and tell his friends
 he love me best
when i got nothing to say
 and our house in
boulder waits
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