carlytron (hyperdonut) wrote in blistcelebs,

i don't know how i feel

i feel cracked
split open
for all to see

a cocoon
in secrecy

a downpour
an outflow
ebb and flow

this is all too much for me

i can't keep going at this rate
i can't keep up with this pace
i try to do for you
what you need me to
but i come up short every time

a road traveled
worn away
treaded heavily

seeking refuge
not done easily

having the same conversations
loops circle into circle
we're stuck in a rut

trapped where
less is more
more is less

i can feel it in my gut
this is all too much for me

i want to go back to how it used to be
this was never as complicated as it seems to me
my world revolves around your every breath and move
please just tell me what i'm supposed to do
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